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Hendrix once lived (next to) the Spirit of a Classical Genius

During a sojourn in the streets of London, I discovered that Jimi Hendrix once lived next door to the former home of classical genius Handel.

Hendrix was so taken by the story that he started listening to Handel's music.

After discovering his long departed musical neighbour, Jimi went out to buy the full set of Handel’s work on vinyl (his favourite record shops being the One Stop Music Shop on South Molton Street, and Oxford Street’s HMV) and according to some musical experts, it is possible to spot Handel-like influences in Hendrix’s work…

One story I heard was that Hendrix's girlfriend had opened to door to knocking and was asked by the visitors "Is this the home of the famous musician." Of course, she said "Yes!" What they were really seeking was the former home of Handel.

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Prog Rock Pioneer Keith Emerson Suspected Suicide

Prog Rock Pioneer Keith Emerson Suspected Suicide

Keith Emerson, one of the founding members of progressive rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died in what police are treating as a suspected suicide.

The keyboardist died at the age of 71 at his home in Santa Monica, Los Angeles on Thursday night, the band confirmed.

Sergeant Erika Aklufi said an investigation was looking in whether he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Bandmate Carl Palmer said he is "deeply saddened" and paid tribute to his "brother-in-music".

"Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come," he said in a statement online.

Deep Purple bass player Glenn Hughes said he was in shock, losing "my brother of over 40 years.  This has left me numb."

Rock circles has recently seen the deaths of David Bowie, Lemmy (Motorhead), Jimmy Bain (Rainbow), Stevie Wright (Easybeats), Jon English, Chris Squire (Yes), George Martin (Beatles producer) and now Keith Emerson (ELP).  The past six month has been sad for the close-knit music industry.

"He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, classical and jazz. "I will always remember his warm smile, good sense of humor, compelling showmanship, and dedication to his musical craft," Palmer said.

The group, consisting of keyboardist Emerson, producer Greg Lake, and drummer Carl Palmer, formed in London in the 1970s and released seven albums together.

They parted ways in 1979 before reforming in 1991 and releasing two more albums.

Emerson is best known in popular music for his playing on the band's interpretation of "Fanfare for Common Man" which was used as the theme for theme for the 1974 Montreal Olympics.

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Jon English RIP, aged 66

Jon English RIP, aged 66

One of Australia's favourite sons died yesterday. Jon English died in hospital during a medical procedure.

English was well known for his work in music, television and on the stage, most notably his roles as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar in the 1970s and later as Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance.

A statement from his talent representatives, Ambition Entertainment, said at the time of his passing he was surrounded by family members, including his four children, wife Carmen, sister Janet and brother Jeremy, as well as other close family members.

He was one of Australia's most enduring and popular stars. During the past decade he has focussed on developing the musical talent of young musicians through his touring "Rock Show".

Jon was known as one of the "good guys" of Australian music and performing. Ever popular with fans and theatre-goers.  He also wrote a rock musical called "Paris" which had never been funded to its potential. 

Shepparton last saw him performing his "Rock Show" with an amazing array of young talent from the Central Coast area.  It was a stunning show, showcasing rock from the 60s and 70s, with Jon performing many of his hits from the 70s and early 80s.  Included in his band that performed at EastBank, was his son and the likes of Emma Beau. "I'm sending you tones of love and well wishes Jon!," Emma had written on her Facebook page the day before surgery. 

A tragic loss and sad day for all.



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Technology Shift — Paradigm Shift

Technology Shift — Paradigm Shift

My adulthood has been full of technology shifts.  The ebb and flow of constat technology updates bulletpoints my years.  Some for the better, some not so.

This topic came to mind when some kids I know asked about record players and vinyl records.  "What are those black things ... and how do they work?"

So let's rewind to the 1970s, when I was first getting into technology.  Concorde was zooming about the world during its first proving exercises.  But on a smaller level I had just replaced my grandfather's valve radio with a transistor radio.

The radio had become smaller but it was less sensitive than it's analogue cousin.  No longer could I drag in the Sydney station that i used to tune in to on the Radiola.

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Burn — The Epic Purple Mk III Album is 43

Burn — The Epic Purple Mk III Album is 43

Deep Purple's classic Burn album is 43 years old today.  How time flies.  Although the album is by some considered second to MkII DP's Machine Head, I believe it is far superior.  Burn went to number one worldwide.  It was Purple's most successful album post Machine Head and Live in Japan.

Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was at the height of his powers and the riffs on this album are just incredible.  Keyboardist Jon Lord complements Blackmore perfectly with classically influenced runs.

The newly recruited lead vocalist David Coverdale lends a new powerful sound and blends amazing harmonies with bassist Glenn Hughes.  Hughes too performs some lead vocals on this album.

Original member Ian Paice provides the drumming.

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