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'Shania Twain' meets Metal — Delain

'Shania Twain' meets Metal — Delain

The name of Dutch symphonic metal band, Delain, comes from a reference in a Steven King novel. King's "The Eyes of the Dragon" has a kingdom called Delain.

Formed in 2002, the band has five excellent albums to its credit. They are Lucity, April Rain, We Are the Others, The Human Contradiction and Intelude.

Fronted by the beautiful Charlotte Wessels, she is classically trained but found it too restrictive. She likes to do something "in between the classical and the jazz stuff, and if you look at classical music with high vocal lines, then you kind of get to gothic very soon!"

She has been performing metal in various guises since she was 16 and joined Delain in 2004. She ranks among the amazing European singers such as Simone Simmons and Floor Janssens.

When asked who influences her she says: "My parents had quite good taste in music so I had some of the classic rock influences; Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, and Kate Bush."

My brother really got me into metal, those were really the high days of Metallica. Actually, Toxicity (2001) by System of The Down is still one of my favorite records ever.

"Right now, I am really into the alternative rock scene, Radiohead is my favorite band ever. I adore Muse and Nick Cave. Then there is the corner of the great female songwriters like Tori Amos, Björk, and Sia Furler.

"That pretty much covers it. I can go on for hours but I think these are the few directions which have influenced me most."

I saw them play in Weize, Belgium, in 2007. They were great then but have matured into a really tight outfit. What I like most about Delain is how Wessels doesn't stretch her vocal capability, singing well within herself bringing emotion and control to her delivery.

If you close your eyes while listening to "The Others" or "Get the Devil Out of Me" (see videos below) you could swear that it is Shania Twain singing metal. Sounds like an oxyoron, I know, it's for real. She also looks amazing in anything — at a concert you can see her in a classic 40s look, gothic costumes and corsets right down to jeans and a check shirt. Awesome!

Delain is: Wessels — vocals; founder Martijn Westerholt – keyboards; Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije – bass guitar; Timo Somers – guitar, backing vocals; Ruben Israel – drums; Merel Bechtold – guitar.

If you have a liking for Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot or Within Temptation, give Delain a listen. The music is metal, sure, but iis held together with beautiful melodies and Wessels' immaculate voice.

Highly recommended.

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