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Warby Ranges Day Trip

Warby Ranges Day Trip

This drive is possibly the most enjoyable cruise from Shepparton to the Warby National Park (and Wangaratta if desired). Depart Shepparton out New Dookie Road and maybe have a stop in Dookie, progress via the Dookie Plains and head into Devenish.

This township is a bit like time has frozen with old verandahs gracing the main street. Right from Devenish into the Devenish-Wangaratta Road. As a bit of a diversion keep an eye our for the turn off to Thoona. A tiny town of less than 100 people that has a pub and a shop. The pub serves particularly nice food (call ahead to check for availability). The final leg of the journey is the most interesting.

You will see the road incline and the national park boasts beautiful wildflowers and quite a bit of wildlife. Be careful for roos, wallabies and wombats. The road is sealed and takes you to a nice lookout and picnic point at the top of the Warbys. If you feel up to it there are some nice walks and driving on down the other side of the park will take you to Wangaratta. This is a very picturesque alternative route from Shepparton to Wangaratta that provides loads of visual entertainment.

For golfers there's the fantastic, quirky Jubilee Golf Club and the Wangaratta Golf Club. I prefer Jubilee because it is so different. The greens borough like nothing I've ever played on before — allowing a two foot swing and seeing it take four is mind blowing.

They are very friendly at Jubilee, so if you're not a golfer don't be shy. You can drop in to get a cool drink at the pro-shop or the bar (if its open).

You then have the option to turn around and go back to Shepp over the Warbys again or take the main route from Wangaratta to Benalla and then home.

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