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The Truth is Out There — Murchison Meteorite

The Truth is Out There — Murchison Meteorite

A little bird tells us that some exciting "X-Files-like" events are unfolding in Murchison. The Murchison meteorite is about to become famous once again.

It's arrival is approaching the 50 year mark and for that anniversary there is talk of NASA scientists revisiting Murchison to do further testing.

These days NASA has much more sophisticated instruments and its figured that more accurate and interesting science can be gleaned from the space rock.

JustClik has discovered the renewed interest in the meteorite is because it is such a pristine example of space debris and the fact that it is older than our sun, making it a key to some of the most unfathomable questions about life in our universe.

A former NASA scientist told us that if guys from the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboritories) do visit Murchison, they would be drawn fron NASA proper or from its satellite research station, in Canberra.

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