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Whitby — a Gem in Yorkshire's North

Whitby — a Gem in Yorkshire's North

If wanderlust takes you to the United Kingdom, here's on place that you should not miss.  Whitby, in North Yorkshire, is a historical jewel in the crown of places to visit.

It is the home of Captain James Cook's museum, where you can see where he worked and slept as a maritime apprentice.  It is also the inspiration for much of Bram Stoker's "Dracula".

The harbour boasts loads of period architecture, dominated by the Abbey ruins atop the Southern cliffs.

Harbourside also has the Magpie fish and chip shop, famously known for producing "the best fish and chips in the UK."

It is also a place that Charles Dickens spent a considerable amount of time while at the height of his authoring.

Ghosts and ghost stories abound.  Haunted pubs, worm holes, the Bargest Black Dog and many other mysteries are revealed by guided ghost tours.  Some of them are excellent.

It is also the site of many scenes shot in the long-running TV series, "Heartbeat".

On weekends you might get to take a ride on a surviving Stanley Steamer.

There's plenty of accommodation and for those on a budget the Youth Hostel is just 28 pounds a night for members.  The hostel is in the old abbey stables, accesible by road or for those fit enough at the end of the 100 steps from the harbour.





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